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Studio Di Gravio is an independent law firm located in Rome and Milan.

The Firm cooperates and mantains strong relationships with national and international law firms and focuses its activities mainly in the areas of civil litigation and arbitration, insolvency law, restructuring and corporate law.

The Firm can avail of highly experienced professionals and believes that a deep knowledge of the law represents the real added value that a law firm can offer to its Clients.

For this reason, the Firm pays primary attention to the quality of the outcome provided, both through the accurate selection of its professionals and by a constant update in the areas of reference. The Firm, which usually deals with medium and large-sized Clients, does not underestimate the importance of the organizational profiles and timeliness in providing the required feedback.

Studio Di Gravio Clients include industrial and commercial companies (national and international, public and private), banks, financial institutions, public entities and individuals.

The Firm operates through the creation of working teams composed of professionals specialized in various areas.

00197 Roma - Via Barnaba Oriani, 85 - tel: +39 06.90275 - fax: +39 06.90275081

20122 Milano - Via Tommaso Salvini, 10 - tel: +39 02.38250 - fax: +39 06.90275081