Lawyers Area

Corporate and M&A

The Firm assists its Clients on all aspects of incorporation, direction and management of a company. Such assistance may also include the drafting of articles of association, bylaws and governance models as well as the negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and corporate contracts.

The Firm advises on corporate governance issues for listed companies, financial institutions, institutional investors, private equity players, underwriters, board committees, directors and others.

The Firm supports its Clients in their corporate finance transactions including mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions and disposals of businesses and interests, restructurings, joint ventures, takeover bids. The advice includes structuring transactions, formulating offers, managing sales processes and handling negotiations, as well as organizing and executing “legal due diligence” activities and drafting all other types of disclosure, corporate or contractual documentation.

Our experience encompasses complex M&A involving listed companies, banking and insurance businesses and asset management.

The proved expertise in litigation and restructuring enables the Firm to provide effective and innovative advice in turnarounds and special situations.

The Firm regularly assists both Italian and international private equity funds in their investments in Italy.

The Firm’s professionals have also gained significant experience in transactions involving subsidiaries of State-owned companies."

Insolvency law and restructuring

The Firm is recognized as one of the main Italian firms providing assistance in the areas of insolvency and business restructuring.

The Firm is involved from the first manifestation of the crisis situation, in order to identify with the Client the best solutions to handle it, and the assistance extends until the conclusion of the relevant procedure. At this stage, the Firm strongly believes that the recent amendments of the Italian insolvency law (especially those regarding the of composition with creditors - concordato preventivo) offer great possibilities, some of which are still unexplored. Due to their flexibility, in particular, they can offer chances to find solutions to crisis situations not otherwise solvable, thanks to the adequate attention that the professionals of Studio Di Gravio are able to pay with respect to both legal and administrative/financial aspects.

The professionals of the Firm assist mayor Italian and international industrial groups in business and credit restructuring processes and, more in general, in insolvency and pre- insolvency situations.

The expertise accrued allows the Firm’s professionals to easily discuss and usefully interact with other advisers from time to time involved in the restructuring transactions.

The firm also operates in the litigation phase, both in the interest of the insolvent company (in order to be admitted to the composition procedure), and in the interest of procedure bodies, creditors or liquidators.

A particular area of interest of the Firm is the assistance to entities assuming the role of contractor (assuntore) in composition with creditors (i.e. concordato preventivo) and bankruptcy procedures.

Real estate

The Firm has gained significant experience in the area of industrial and residential real estate transactions (including subsidized housing and social housing). The Firm’s professionals assist Italian and foreign Clients in all phases of purchase, transfer and development of real estates of any size.

The assistance in this area ranges from drafting and negotiating contracts to planning the most efficient modalities through which real estate transactions may be implemented. The assistance is usually provided within complex investment transactions possibly carried out in the form of project financing.


The Firm has significant experience in the area of national and international litigation and arbitration.

Studio Di Gravio professionals also assist Clients in the pre-litigation phase, making their experience and competences available, with the aim of supporting the adoption of the best decisions in order to decrease risks and costs in the case of a subsequent litigation.

Intellectual property

The Firm provides assistance, both in litigation phases and out of Court, in the context of acquisition, protection, development and exploitation of intellectual and industrial property rights. The issues with which the Firm deals are related, inter alia, to: trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights, unfair competition, software.

With respect to the out of Court assistance, professionals of the Firm have gained extensive experience in providing assistance within contractual matters and, in particular, in the drafting and negotiation of sale, licensing, distribution, merchandising, sponsorship and advertising contracts.

The Firm has also extensive experience in the planning and management of the intellectual property litigation.

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